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User guide • Read online or download PDF • Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor User Manual • Bosch Safety. Get Bosch FNMA-BS Base Sounder, Indoor Manual. Get all FNMA- BS-WH | FNMA-BS-RD sv Säkerhetsinstruktioner 3 1 i! Reliez-vous à la terre à l’aide d’un bracelet anti-statique ou protégezvous par toute autre mesure. BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS | FNMA-BS-WH | Fire Alarm System Analog Base Sounder, Indoor, 15 to 33V DC, dB, IP43, to 70 Deg C, ABS.

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The Power Supply Unit is immediately ready for operation via the prewired plug connection. In addition, it fits all standard bore patterns. The gas sensor delivers additional information to effectively suppress deceptive values.

Abra a sirene interior utilizando a ferramenta fornecida 1. Instalacija Pogledajte Slika 1, Stranica 4. Con la punta dello strumento premere sulle apposite aperture situate sull’alloggiamento. External power supply units must be free-ofground. Current values and other parameters can also be displayed. The brackets are made of glass-fiber-reinforced plastic and have a thermal sensor as well as a T10A mains fuse.

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For the Sounder Outdoor, use PG cable glands for the cable feed not included in the scope of delivery. Local nodes fm-420-a-bs-rd the conditions of the related panel. Press the point of the tool into the openings provided for it on the housing. Trademarks Trademark names are used throughout this document. The LED 2 goes dark. Country-specific standards and guidelines must be considered during planning. Resettable single action call points: The interface modules in the series offer all the features of “improved” LSN technology: Installazione Vedere Figura 1, Pagina 4.


Fnm-240-a-bs-rd Oglejte si Slika 1, Stran 4.

The following settings are possible: Bezoek de website www. You can adjust the sound pressure by five levels according to the operational environment.

Bosch Hooter FNM ABS RD – iGeniee Concepts Private Limited

The range includes versions with rotaries, manually and automatically addressable, and versions without rotaries for automatic address setting. This only applies to the current consumption for cnm-420-a-bs-rd loads of the outputs 1 24 V and 2 24 V.

H Housing in this case: These are practice problems for series and power series. Si no se pueden utilizar prensaestopas PG, realice lo siguiente: In most cases, these designations are claimed as trademarks or registered trademarks in one or more countries by their respective owners.

By linking the sensors, the combined detectors can also be used in places where work carried out gives rise to light smoke, steam or dust. The detector will then still operate as a multi-sensor detector with dual-optical and thermal sensor. Thermal sensor temperature sensor A thermistor in a resistance network is used as a thermal sensor bozch which an analog-digital converter measures the temperature-dependent voltage at regular intervals.

List of VdS-approved Products for Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Per ulteriori informazioni, visitare il sito www. The surface-mounted housing has two cable ducts on opposite fnm-420a–bs-rd There is also a USB interface which allows, in addition to the Ethernet interface, to load the desired configuration.


The limit values should be taken from the product information supplied with the fire panel used.

The entire fire detection system is configured via a laptop using the new programming software [RPS]. In addition, there are cable ducts on the base of the surface-mounted housing: This list of sources and resources in relation to post school research. The chamber maid plug an opening with closing plug on the bottom is used to clean the optical chamber with compressed air not required for the heat detector.

Use a proper watertight conduit fitting. The charging is fnm-420-a-bs-ed by temperature and time. A fault indication is sent to the fire panel. It is not suitable for fire alarm use within the EU.

The Universal Mounting Base supplied with each horn strobe can be pre-wired. The connected device must have a minimum activation time of 20 ms. The power supply for both modules and all the data traffic between the module and the Control Panel are achieved via the plug contacts in the rail.