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The Drake Chronicles is a series that just keeps getting better and better Alyxandra Harvey has created a fun, fast paced and seriously sassy vampire series. As the numerous vampire tribes gather for the Blood Moon, an important vampire ceremony, Lucy and the Drake brothers could not help but. Book V: Blood Moon. NEWS! Publication date has moved up to June ! All because you guys wanted it and kept asking for it~ Thank you! The POVs are.

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He felt like a very minor character that Harvey tried so hard to make into an important character and did a really bad job at that. I’m going to be holding my breath until the next book comes out. It probably won’t be right away, though.

I still like the books and am interested enough in what happens next, that I will be picking up the next book. I really felt sorry for Lucy, Nicholas, Kieran and all the Drakes in this book as everything changes for the worst and I am not sure the Drakes and extended family will ever be the same again.

It’s not horrible, and I finished it, but I expected more from Harvey and this series.

Blood Moon

I did not like This and my other reviews can be found at http: Quinn finally abandoned his womanizing ways for Hunter, a vampire hunter and a student at the Helios-Ra academy. Monday, December 31, There weren’t enough unresolved plot threads already. If you haven’t read any of the Drake Chronicles then. Even though she is not the only hunter to be dating a vampire she has grown up alyxandrz the vampires and so is seen to be more of a traitor.

But this book, the dynamic changed; we don’t have two new characters and their POVs and we went back to the characters from the first book–they xlyxandra part of the story but we hadn’t had their POVs since– and I don’t know it lost it’s touch.


I loved seeing his family and Lucy through his eyes again.

Blood Moon (Drake Chronicles, #5) by Alyxandra Harvey

Aaaah I am in fear to read the next and final book because it is the final I can’ bear parting with this world but all stories come to an end. Harvey should have known better than to write that, and an editor should have caught that and realized the mistake as well.

I gotta tell ya, for awhile there I’ve been really frustrated with Solange character. I’m glad you added a couple of more.

Not to say that I didn’t love this one, it just felt I’d like a short story on Spencer just to get his perspective as a newbie and well-informed individual on what’s going down. May 17, Natalie marked it as to-read. Solange is a whole other story. Este libro encontramos tres puntos de vista, el de solangel la protagonista, quien a lo largo de la trama va descubriendo algo de inseguridad en ella mismo y que tiene un lado oscuro, Lucy quien se translada a un campamento de cazadores de vampiros, como si el entrenamiento con Helena Draker no fuera sufiente, y quien se ve envuelta en un paradigma He de confesar que convence el libro hace un monton de tiempo, pero entre una cosa y la otra lo deje un buen tiempo hasta que lo retome y lo finalice.

I think if the author had shown her hand earlier we could have had sympathy for Solange as she struggled not to do bad things, especially with her as a narrator. I can’t even begin to tell you how in love with Harvey’s I cannot say enough good things about Alyxandra Harvey’s The Drake Chronicles.

I think Nicholas is okay because of something the author hasn’t let us under I have one question: Blood Moon was so utterly, heartbreakingly perfect.


The Drake Chronicles

I still enjoy the relationship between her and Nicholas who are the best couple in the series. Harvey’s ability to create fully fleshed out characters that actually interact with one another. I have been waiting for this novel since I finished Bleeding Hearts.

There is a whole lot more viscous blood sucking to say the least. I can’t say I liked Solange very much at all. The first thing I dislike is Solange, the vampire princess, she changes from an okay-character into a selfish and stupid girl that I want to throw the book across the room.

I mean, I know it’s essential to the story to have Solange be a dumbass, But it doesn’t mean I have to like it. You have been warned ; I was glad Vivian came to light, it made me feel better and worse about Solange.

So if I pass out, it’s all your fault Alyxandra! My heart went out to Nicholas, who would have never hurt Lucy no matter what and had to do what she did to her.

Book V: Blood Moon – Alyxandra Harvey

I mean the book mainly centered around Nicholas, Lucy, and Solange. If you’re not up to date with the series then you should stop reading this review now so you don’t pick up spoilers.

This book has been the most amazing, the most irratating one as well. Sections of the story were so slow that I considered stopping several times because I was bored. I’ll be reading the 6th and perhaps final? But this book felt heart pounding and fast paced more then anything else.

Books by Alyxandra Harvey.