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Published on Oct View Download 0. Jaisay Maataa Pitaa Sout Soukh Doukh SogaanandaDoukh Soukh Mai N Taisay Sout Tthaharaavaee As parents feel delighted on the happy occasions of their children and are distressed when they face tribulations, but the children do not feel the reciprocal intensity for their parents; ‘ ” 3: Jaisay Kachhap Dhari Dhiaan Saavadhaan KaraiTaisay Maataa Pitaa Preeti Soutu N Lagaavaee Just as a she bhaj bears its young ones in sand and takes care of them till they are sufficiently capable of looking after themselves, such love and concern for parents cannot be the characteristic of a child.

Taisay Giaan Dhiaan Simaran Gursikh PratiTaisay Kaisay Sikh Gur Bhsi Tthaharaavaee 10 2 As a True Guru blesses a Sikh and expresses his love by making him well versed in divine knowledge, contemplation and meditation on Lord’s name, how can a devoted Sikh rise to the same level of dedication and devotion in the service of Guru? Jaisay Jal Baran Baran Sarabang RangaBiralo Bibaykee Saadh Sangati Samaavaee As water mixes with any colour to acquire kbait same hue; thus a rare Sikh contemplating and practising meditation merges into the holy gathering of Guru’s devotees.

Thus a True Guru showers his beneficence on a rare Sikh and lifts him to the divine level of supreme consciousness. Thus, praise and slander for him are the same.

So he treats both friend and foe alike. He feels the touch of water and fire alike. These two emotions do not influence him.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas : Kabit 1 : ਕਬਿਤ ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰਦਾਸ :-

By the benign and magnificence of a True Guru, who has blessed him with Naam, he achieves emancipation while living a house-holder’s life. All his expectations and desires vanish and his mind does not waver any more.

He rids himself of all other remembrances. He gives up all other futile talks. Thus his love for his Lord is beyond description. The state of such a person is amazing and a cause of surprise for the beholder.

He makes his present a success by perpetual contemplation on His name. Satiroop Satinaam Satigur Giaan StewkPooran Sarabamaee Aadi Kau Adays Kai 10 6 Such a slave of the Guru who by focusing his mind in the Lord regards the indestructible and ever stable Lord permeated in every speck, salutes and pays his obeisance to the force who is the cause of all beginnings.

For virtually a possessor of the child-like wisdom, he is free of deceit and infatuations. Such a devotee never harbours any feeling of deceit, falsehood or ill deeds.

Such a servant acknowledges the presence of one Lord everywhere. Kaasat Agani Maalaa Sootr Bhaai GobansaAyk Au Anayk Ko Bibayk Pahachaaneeai As the same fire exists in all the woods, different beads are arranged in the same thread; as all shades and species of cows yield milk of the same colour; similarly the slave of True Guru achieves the wisdom and knowledge of the presence of one Lord in a ” ‘ 2: When his light merges with kabt eternal, he too acquires the form of light divine.

Aanb Khiranee Chhahaaraa Maajh Goutthalee KatthoraKharaboojaa Au Kaleedaa Sajal Bikaareeai Mango, dates have their endocarps hard; melon and watermelons though sweet release water and become unworthy jii consumption very soon; ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 2: Therefore myriad salutations to Him because there is no one else like Him.

Praym Ras Anmrit Nidhaan Paan Pooran HuiOunaman Ounamat Bisam Bisvaas Hai When a devotee meditating on His name is satiated with the drinking of loving nectar of Lord’s name, he devotee enjoys supernatural ecstatic feeling in higher spiritual planes. Enchanting sreek of all the musical modes and their consorts are heard in the ears.

The nostrils feel the smell of myriad fragrances. Paramadabhout Brahamaasan Singhaasan MaiSobhaa Sabhaa Mandal Akhandal Bilaas Hai And with the residing of the consciousness in the highest spiritual seat the tenth orificeone enjoys zteek strange and magnificent glory of all the spiritual planes.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

Staying in that state renders complete stability to the body, mind and soul. Taisay Hee Bibaykee Jan Paraoupakaar HaytaMilat Salil Gati Sahaj Sanjog Kau Similarly those wise and realised servers of Lord dyed in the hue of Lord’s name become humble like water and meets the needy who yearn for the divine solace and clemency.

Bidaavantay Baid Roop Jaachik Daataar GatiGaahakai Biaapaaree Hoi Maat Pitaa Poot Xteek Gursikhs with contemplated knowledge extend all help to the needy as an act of welfare, just as a medicine practitioner does for a patient, a donor does for a beggar, a trader for a customer and parents for their son. Naar Bhirataar Bidhi Mitr Mitrataaee RoopaSujan Koutanb Sakhaa Bhaai Chaai Soot Kau As an act of benevolence, the relishers of Lord’s name reach the distressed people kabir render them comfort They are husband to a distressed wife or vice versa, friends to friends and other loved ones; according to the defined moral code.


They approach the hermits as renouncers. Biralo Bibaykee Jan Paraoupakaar HaytiMilat Salil Gati Rang Srabang Bhoot Kau Such a rational and knowledgeable Sikh is very rare who for the sake of benevolence becomes humble like water and unites with the people of all denominations.

By virtue of divine sight of the True Guru, they acquire the wisdom of loving worship. By becoming one with Lord, he realises the presence of the divine light in the beings. He then becomes wise to understand the principles of spirituality. He gets so engrossed in the pleasure of Lord’s love that he remains i ” 4: Daras Dhiaan Ounamaan PraanapatiAbigati Gati Ati Alakh Bilaasee Hai As meditation renders all our breaths one with Lord- the granter of life, so would a Guru-conscious man be engrossed bhao Him by contemplating on Him and becomes capable of enjoying all His bliss by this union with Him.

Such a person with renounced and detached inclination is rare to come by. Taravar Chhaaiaa Laghu Deeragh Chapal BalaStwek Purab Jaatraa Dir N Rahaaeeai Just as the shadow of a tree keeps changing in size with the falling rays of the sun; and the pilgrimage to the holy places does not last for ever.

Nadee Naav Ko Sanjog Log Bahuriao N MilaiGandhrab Nagar Mrig Trisanaa Bilaaeeai As the fellow travellers of stek boat do not get to travel together again, as the presence of water due to mirage or the imaginary abode of gods in space is an illusion. Naihar Koutanb Taji Biaahay Sasuraar JaaiGounanu Kai Kulaabadhoo Birad Kahaavaee Just as a girl leaves her parent’s house after getting married and earns a respectable name for herself and her husband’s family by virtue of her good traits; ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Puran Patibrati Au Gur Jan Sayvaa BhaaiGrih Mai Grihaysuri Sujasu Pragataavaee Earns the honourable title of all in all and revered one, by devotedly serving her elders and remaining loyal and faithful to her partner; 7 ‘ ‘ 2: Asan Basan Sihajaasan Sanjogee SabaiRaaj Adhikaaru Tau Sapootee Grih Aavaee Each one of them has the right and opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of the palace and share the bed of the king; ‘ ‘ ” 3: But he who meets with the Lord after losing his self reaches the realm of spiritual peace and comfort.

It remains preserved for long. It acquires a darkish hue and slight bitterness. It loses its worldly importance. He does good to others while living with his family members. He does not renounce the family and lives in jungles to emancipate hims ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ ” ‘ ‘ 7’ 12 Kousam Sougandh Mili Til Sai Dhulayl HotaSakal Sougandh Mili Aragajaa Dhoop Hai An extract gurdax flowers when mixed with sesame oil become scented oil, but mixing of saffron musk, sandalwood and rose make a very fragrant product called argaja; ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ 7 3: But where ten, steeek or thirty like-minded Sikhs engrossed in the love of the Guru meet, their praise is beyond description.

Paavak Salil Ayk Aykahi Goun AnaykaPanch Kai Panchaamrat Saadhasangu Jaaneeai 12 3 Fire and water have specific traits but when three others wheat flour, clarified butter and sugar join with them, elixir like Karhah Parshad results. Similarly coming together of obedient and loyal Sikhs of the Guru in the form of a congregation is cons’ ‘ ‘,12 3 4: Chatur Baran Paan Choonaa Au Soupaaree KaadaaAapaa Khoi Milat Anoop Roop Taas Hai As betel nut, betel leaf, lime and catechu lose eteek self-existence and merge with each other to produce a deep red colour more attractive than each one of them;, ‘ ‘ ‘ 3: It drenches everyone with such hue of Naam Ras that it opens the path for mergence into the Lord.

There belief of enjoying the magnificence sight of the True Guru is gurxas performing worship with flowers and fruits. Nirankaar Chaar Paramaarad ParamapadaSabad Surati Avagaahan Abhiaas Hai A true servant of Guru realises the supreme state of the Absolute Lord through perpetual meditation and engrossment of his mind in the divine word. Sarab Nidhaan Daan Daaik Bhagati BhaaiKaam Nihakaam Dhaam Pooran Pragaas Hai 12 5 By the loving worship of the Lord, the bestower ,abit all treasures in the true holy congregation, a Guru-conscious person is convinced of no alternate place for him and he rests in complete radiance of the light divine of the God Lord.

Sahaj Samaadhi Saadh Sangati Soukrit BhoomeeChit Chitavat Dhal Praapati Udhaar Hai Engrossed in meditation on His name, holy congregation is the best place to sow the seeds of supreme deeds that satiates all desires and sails one across the worldly ocean. In the union of consciousness and divine word, one enjoys the benefit of trading in the jewel like Naam.

Such a congregation is benefactor, helpful and philanthropic for the servers and slaves of the Lord. Despite living in the wheel of time, he remains protected from its wrath. He destroys the poison of the time like snake.


Steek Bhai Gurdas Ji Kabit Sawayie Part 1 –

He becomes bereft of caste pride and is able to remove all differences of high and low from his mind. Gurmukhi Saadh Charanaamrat Nidhaan PaanaSahaj Samaadhi Nij Aasan Kee Taareeai In the company of holy men and enjoying the treasure of elixir like Naam, he remains engrossed in his self and attached consciously in a state of equipoise. The path of Guru-conscious people is beyond description. It is imperishable and celestial.

Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Sakhaa MilaapaGagan Ghataa Ghamand Jougati Kai Jaaneeai The method of meeting with the Lord God through meditation in a holy gathering is like the gathering and formation of clouds that cause rain, lightening and thunder.

Sahaj Samaadhi Keeratan Gur Sabad KaiAnahad Naad Garajat Ounamaaneeai Acquiring a stable state of contemplation and meditation in the holy congregation, the continuous melody that is heard within should be regarded as sound of thunder of the clouds. Sahaj Samaadhi Saadhasangati Jotee SaroopaDaamanee Chamatakaar Ounaman Maaneeai The divine light that radiates during stable state meditation in the holy gathering is like miraculous lightening that blossoms the mind.

Sahaj Samaadhi Liv Nijhar Apaar DhaaraBarakhaa Anmrit Jal Sarab Nidhaaneeai 12 8 The continuous flow of the elixir of Naam that takes place in the tenth door of the body as a result of meditation in the congregation of holy men is like rain of nectar that is the treasure house of all the boons. It is put through a crusher to obtain its juice that is heated and converted into jaggery cakes and sugar crystals; ‘ ‘ 2: By virtue of the teachings and initiation of Guru, he is blessed with the traits of doing good to all and sundry.

Kotani Kotaani Koti Ridhi Sidhi Nidhi SudhaaKotini Kotaani Giaan Dhiaan Karamaadi Kai Countless miraculous powers, elixir like pleasure-giving store houses of goods, contemplation and following of rites and rituals; ” ‘ ‘, ‘ 7 ‘, ‘ ‘ Ajayaa Adheenataa Param Pavitr BhaeeGarab Kai Singh Dayh Mahaa Apavitr Hai A goat, herbivorous animal do good of yielding milk is considered pious and good because of its humble nature but a lion, proud and carnivorous is considered highly impious.

Paaras Parasi Jaisay Kanik Anik DhaatuChandan Banaasapatee Baasanaa Avays Hai As many metals when touched with philosopher stone become gold, bushes and plants grown in the vicinity of sandalwood attain its fragrance, similarly a devotee following Guru’s advice becomes pure and one who spreads the fragrance of goodness all around.

Jaisay Ravi Sasi Siv Sakat Soubhaav GatiSanjogee Biaogee Drisataatu Kai Dikhaavaee 13 4 Just as the effect of Sun is undesirable Tamoguni while the moon has virtuous effect, similarly a Guru-conscious person behaves peacefully and virtuously while a self willed and apostate person caught in the evil effects of mammon is conspicuous.

One acquires a state of fearlessness. Jaisay Tau Majeetth Basudhaa Sai Khodi KaaddheeataAnbar Surang Bhaay Sang N Tajat Hai As the red colouring agent of a Rubiaceous plant gurdws extracted from the bottom part of its stem, and the clothes coloured with it become beautiful to behold, while the colour does not fade; ”’ 7 ‘7 ‘ ‘ ‘ 1: Jaisay Tau Kasounbh Taji Mool Dhool AaneeataJaaneeat Sangu Chhaadi Taahee Bhajat Hai As the colour of Safflower plant resides in the gurdws and not in the lower part of the stem, so it is believed to leave or fade away when a cloth is dyed with it, since that is its character;, ‘ ‘ ” 7, ‘ 2: But the base wisdom lowers the proud and arrogant and converts victory into defeat.

He acknowledges the presence of omnipresent Lord in the form of soul in every one. He treats all alike and smilingly too. And when he speaks, his words are sweet and full of supplication. Thus his soul remains absorbed in the treasure house of peace and tranquillity.

A Guru-conscious person listens to the teachings of the True Guru and practices His words in his deeds and actions. And as such he is Lord-conscious stfek and because of the knowledge tseek the words of Guru, he is Lord aware person.

He is filled with the love of the Lord and he acquires higher state of spiritual being. Bisamai Bisam Asacharajai Asacharaj MaiAdabhout Paramadabhout Gati Tthaanee Hai 13 8 By the grace of the meditation of Naam of the Lord carried out by the blessings of the True Guru, he stays in most ecstatic, strange and blissful state all the time. The blessings of Naam to the Sikhs is the complete knowledge steeek the True Guru.

He practices it in the holy congregation very devotedly; 7 7 ‘ ‘ gurfas By virtue of the meditation on Naam obtained from the True Guru the heart that feels the light effulgence of the Lord, that heart is wondrous and astonishing.

Gurdass a miniscule guddas of that light is beautiful, marvellous and quaint. Nor are there words in the world to describe it. The praise of such glimpse is infinite, most wondrous and marvellous. Thus He should be saluted again and again.