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to set up the software for your use. This guide shows a workflow that uses application settings. BD FACSDiva Software Quick Reference Guide for the BD LSR II. Compensation Controls in the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual. • Default templates are now provided for certain instrument functions. If you are the first user of the day: Boot up the computer and log on to Windows. Wait 10 seconds, then Open the BD FACSDiva software and log on. Allow the.

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Labels are displayed on plot axes and in statistics views. When used with BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking beads, these new features provide automated characterization of supported BD digital flow cytometers, and the ability to track and report cytometer performance.

With FastTrack Schedule 10, the new version of the award-winning project. See Using Experiment Layout on page Tools for Data Analysis All parameters specified in the Parameters tab are available.

Tip Extend the gate past the plot axes to capture events on the axis.

Select the checkbox if it is not selected. New feature to apply gate coordinates such as shape and size between worksheets to other tubes in an open experiment. Normal worksheets are titled SheetN by default, and they have gray-tinted tabs. Table of Contents Welcome For an example showing each scale method, see sotware following figure.

The tabs are green to remind you that they show settings for the current tube. Click anywhere outside the text box to complete the entry. Gates manuaal global and attached to the global worksheet, not to the tube. Select the Lock Template checkbox to ensure the panel cannot be overwritten by a panel template with the same name.


BD FACSDiva Files

Select the folder and click Import. At a minimum, you need to enter only the Type and Name when refeence are creating a template; the remaining screens are optional. Change the Access Type to Administrator only when you want to provide the selected user with administrative privileges.

Click the appropriate Distribute button ; the objects are distributed equally in a horizontal or vertical direction. You can select multiple elements to drag and drop, but they must be the same object type experiments, specimens, or tubes. Facsdiiva Selecting multiple objects selection handles on selected histogram main selected object selection handles on selected dot plot cursor showing object can be moved Individual selected objects can also be resized by dragging a selection handle.

About This Guide If you create plots while the normal worksheet view is displayed, plots are associated with the analysis janual of the selected tube sor with the current acquisition tube if no tube is selected.

Click the Events to Record column title.

BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual

You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. The following exercise demonstrates the difference between closed and open experiments, and how to use the windows to compare cytometer settings. This is indicated by a chain-link icon in the Browser.

Note that experiment names cannot include periods or commas. Please print and read all instructions before you proceed.


BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual – PDF

InfoView User s Guide. A duplicate plot is created as you drag. You must open an experiment to access its be data. The pointer changes to yellow, indicating acquisition is in progress. See the following section for more information. We cannot be held liable for any problems arising from More information.

Sage Software, Sage Software logos, and the Sage Software product and service names mentioned herein are registered. To return to the originally sized plot in one click, hold down the Control key while clicking in the plot.

If you plan to install an empty database, record these values before uninstalling the software mankal you can reenter them later.

If you commonly use one PMT detector to measure multiple parameters, rsference can list all possible parameters in the Instrument Configuration dialog box and choose the appropriate fluorochrome for your experiment in the Parameters tab.

All Browser and worksheet elements are automatically saved when you quit the software. Enter a new name, and click OK. Instrument and Acquisition Controls Figure Acquisition Dashboard arrow ; Tip You can also use the current tube pointer in the Browser to control acquisition and recording. Tools for Data Analysis – Tick labels—hides tick numbers To hide axes labels, click the Labels tab. Press Enter to apply the change, or click OK to apply the change and dismiss the dialog box.