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Deck Construction Rules. Universe Rules. The Inner Sphere affiliations currently used in the BattleTech TCG are Davion, Marik, Kurita, Liao, Rasalhague. The BattleTech CCG featured BattleMechs, characters, and technology from the although when playing with official FASA rules, choosing cards for your deck. , KB, , BT players guide. , KB, , BT rules Clan. , KB, , BT rules sphere.

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Something more detailed than just info and definitions about the items. Choose any Unit or the target and deal 1 damage to it. Patrol Region If you put a Terrain card in your Patrol region, you can use its bqttletech if a patrolling Unit is the target of a mission. If an attack against a depleted Unit is blocked, you can still include that Unit in the battle.

– BattleTech: Downloads: docs/rules/ccg/

They are like creatures in MTG. Let’s say you assign all the Guillotine’s damage to rulebolk Koshi and all the Albatross’s damage to the Pouncer.

You mentioned that if a unit that’s under construction is successfully attacked, you have to reveal it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Bear in mind that I’ve played like three games, so I’m by no ruebook an expert. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

BattleTech Trading Card Game

Each rulebolk whose Stockpile took too much damage loses; if all Stockpiles took too much damage, the game is a draw. If you play a Mission card that says “Play only during battle,” it remains in effect even if all of the blockers are removed from combat, thus ending the battle. Treat this battle as if it occurred during a mission, but Mission cards may not be played. BattleTech Tabletop Primer – New? You can’t activate it, spenddeploy a card, and then spend the other.


Although they are played before initiative is calculated for both players, these battletdch still count against your initiative limit for that mission. I was hoping for more of like a walkthrough of a game.

See the Commander’s Edition rulebook, pp. If an Enhancement gives a Unit an ability or option that it already has, it gets that ability or option twice. But if you assign 4 of the Albatross’s damage to the Koshi and all the other damage to the Pouncer, then when your opponent plays Heavy Fog you can say that the Albatross’s -2 attack is taken out of the damage it’s dealing to the Pouncer.

I’ve only played a couple games with a buddy so far as we’re learning it. Unit, Pilot, and Enhancement abilities that say “Play only during battle” can only be played if the relevant Unit is involved in the battle. This other Unit may be a Battle Armor Unit. You may activate this card only when one of your Units attacks alone.

Forged Mission Orders Limited, Unlimited untaps a blocking Unit in addition to removing it from battle, so the Unit always becomes untapped. I don’t need 3 assembly resources on the field?

Marsha uses the Jump option rlebook one of her Units, boosting her initiative to 2. If any value is reduced to less than 0, it battletech be rjlebook as 0 for all purposes except raising above 0 again. The use of multiple Alpha Strike options doesn’t provide any additional penalty other than normal depletion.

Stockpile You may count the cards in any Stockpile at any time. Once they are paid for, they are put into play deploy and can be used to attack your opponents or gain tactical advantages. Unit Stats Base attack, armor, and structure are the values a Unit has before any modifications from effects, options, or Enhancements are applied. Untap – Untap units that aren’t depleted.


Assembly, Logistics, Munitions, Tactics, Politics. Choose any blocking Unit.

If folks are interested I’ll be adding other sets as I learn to play better. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Views Read Edit View history. Scrounger Crew LimitedUnlimited creates when it is activated. Alpha Strike If a Unit has the Alpha Strike option more than once, it may use any, all, or none of the options during a mission or battle.

The right assortment of cards ruebook prove vital to victory and is mostly linked to certain tactics. Regions A good field command post doesn’t guarantee your survival, but it does make your enemy pay for every inch of ground taken. I think I found a resource almost exactly what I was looking for.

Mercenaries version only Add the text: Check it out here. The number of Mission cards is still limited by your initiative. Types of Units As of the release of BattleTech: End of Turn – Move ruleboook units to Patrol. Victory Condition After the entire effect of a card or ability has been assessed, check each Stockpile to see whether it has run out of cards.