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Batas Kasambahay (RA No. ). AN ACT INSTITUTING POLICIES FOR THE PROTECTION AND WELFARE OF DOMESTIC WORKERS. Visit the Official. Batas Kasambahay Law. 1. Republic Act No. S; 2. BACKGROUND 1. What is Republic Act No. ? 2. When was it signed into law?. It’s been over 3 years since Republic Act (R.A.) , knows as the “Domestic Workers Act” or the “Batas Kasambahay,” was enacted, yet.

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How about productivity incentive bonuses, signing bonus, etc.? If the domestic worker is unjustly dismissed, the domestic worker shall be paid the compensation already earned plus kasambauay equivalent of 15 days work by way of indemnity. Also incorporated in this edition are recent decisions of the Supreme Court on the 13th month pay, bonuses, allowances and payment of wages.

Mistreatment of domestic workers btaas somewhat be ascribed to breaches in national labor and employment legislations, and often replicates discernment along the lines of sex and race ILO What are additional prohibitions in relation to wages? As conducted by an Australian-based human rights group, overFilipinos still live in modern slavery.

But all the same, we go back to the main underlying principle of why we convey policies — to ensure an impartial and rational working kasambbahay for the workers and their employers. The employer who is more cognizant of the changes can adapt effectively. The employer shall not force, compel or oblige the domestic worker to purchase merchandise, commodities or other properties from the employer or from any other person, or otherwise make use of any store or services of such employer kasambayay any other person.

Once finalized, a meeting shall be set abtas the worker, the agency, the employer, and a baranggay official, to further explain to the worker the provisions of the contact.


Cainglet, Revisiting Republic Act No. Measures to ensure that domestic workers in the Philippines are neither overworked or deprived of their rights to continuous learning. Labor Code Redundancy, Redundancy carried out by persons belonging to related companies, Labor claims against related companies, Employment contract, Audited financial statement AFS and Judicial notice of losses, Rehiring of some of the retrenched employees, Rehabilitation; and Quitclaim.

The employer, unless allowed by the domestic worker through a written consent, shall make no deductions from the wages other than that which is mandated by law.

A domestic worker who has rendered at least 1 year of service shall be entitled to an annual service incentive leave of 5 days with pay. P1, a month for those employed in other municipalities. This book will prove helpful to all HR practitioners and professionals on employee or labor relations to achieve industrial harmony and productivity.

Domestic workers law: Q and A on the batas kasambahay (Domestic workers law)

Assignment to non-household work 9. This edition presents newly promulgated rules and regulations on the above topics. Fairness and effectiveness of the administrative penalties set for employers who fail to abide kasabmahay the provisions of Batas Kasambahay. The rules on 13th month pay and Christmas Bonus are discussed in this book.

Batas Kasambahay

A law exploited [Interview by P. No domestic worker shall be assigned to work in a commercial, industrial or agricultural enterprise at a wage rate lower than that provided for agricultural or non-agricultural workers.

Payment of wages shall be made on time directly to the domestic worker to whom they are due in cash at least once a month. The Labor Code re-numbered and updated by Atty. Neither the domestic worker nor the employer may terminate the contract before the expiration of the term except on reasons allowed by law.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This year, to ensure that the rest of the provisions are strictly implemented and complied with, Administrative Orderas approved by DOLE Secretary Silvestre Bello, was released.


The digested cases are handy in tracking the recent rulings which are crucial in policy formulation in labor and employee relations. The employer shall provide for the basic necessities of the domestic worker to include at least 3 adequate meals a day and humane sleeping arrangements that ensure safety. This policy paper aims to tackle policy recommendations on some of the provisions of the Batas Kasambahay and to strengthen its implementation.

Salient provisions discussed in the book are new minimum wage, 5-day service incentive leave benefit, SSS, Philhealth and Pag-ibig coverage, payroll retention of 3 years, communication rules, grounds for termination, rescue, deployment expenses and debt bondage. The employer shall grant the domestic worker access to outside communication during free time: This work will enlighten contractors, principals and all parties involved in contracting the rules, doctrines and principles behind job contracting.

Certificate of employment, if any b. Republic Act RA No. Hiring legalities of domestic workers in the Philippines.

Worldwide, there are currently at least sixty-seven 67 million domestic workers, excluding children doing the same tasks. These tasks may either be full-time or part-time, they may be employed by one or more households, as live-in or live-out batzs. Upon manpower request, the employer should present the following bqtas to the PEA for evaluation: If the domestic worker leaves without justifiable reason, any unpaid salary due not exceeding the equivalent 15 days work shall be forfeited.

For those who initially read the draft of the book found the contents very useful. Tasks shall include but not limited to: Page 14 kasajbahay Guide to Valid Dismissal of Employees Edition contains updated HR literature on terminal laws, rules and regulations including cases and other newly establishment doctrines and principles.