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The Basic Security In the Field e-learning course contains vital security information for personnel, family members and others covered by the UN Security . Basic Security Training in the Field II. Full title: Basic Security Training in the Field II Type: online. Short description: e-learning course by UNDSS on security. Below security trainings (BSITF, ASITF) are mandatory for all UN travels and deployments. Basic and Advanced Security in the Field for external, non-UN staff.

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Do I have to redo them when they are updated? Structure The course is divided into seven modules. How many Security Levels are there and what do they mean?

Basic Security in the Field II: Staff Safety, Health and Welfare

How do I add details of dependents? Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each of your travel segment iii your planned travel. It will be rare for threats to be the same throughout an entire country, so most countries will have more than one Security Level Area.

Click on “Next step” to proceed to the next section to add travellers 9. Relocation and evacuation are risk management measures and considered after the Security Risk Assessment SRA is conducted.

Why are some Security Levels not shown in the Travel Secuirty Failure to provide contact information may make it impossible to extend in extremis support to UN personnel and eligible family members in the event of an emergency.

Methodology This course is composed of seven self-paced animated modules, including various examples and activities. Once logged in, click on the TRIP button on the left-hand side of the page 3. Where can I go to take the Advanced Security in the Field course?

Summary of Basic Security in the Field (BSITF II) – Old version

The responsibility for determining the applicability, scope and amount of the security-related entitlements does not rest with UNDSS. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation. Security and Safety Service Vienna. For which countries must Security Clearances be requested? How can I add or amend passport information?


In addition, the Complex form is used to include travellers who are non-UN staff members. The Simple form is used to submit a security clearance request consisting of a single travel segment for yourself. Know your Security Focal Point. I am pleased to inform you that information on the second theme, “Individual awareness”, is available on the SAFE UN portal, accessible through the website of the Security and Safety Service Vienna unsss.


Will there be a Security Level for an entire country? How do I delete a security clearance request? Securiyt can I save time in submitting a security clearance request which is similar to clearances previously submitted? It also includes transit information. Notable to this revision are some of the actors and their roles within the United Nations Security Management System: Length It should take you about hours to complete this self-paced course.

In the event of a crisis or emergency, it may be possible to provide security support to UN personnel and eligible family members. You will also need to install the Adobe Shockwave player, available for free at the Adobe web site.

Ij Security Phase System, adopted inhas been criticized for being inconsistent from country to country, often because security bbsitf decisions were blurred by political pressures or driven by administrative or financial considerations. Why am I having problems uploading the Advance Security in the Field training course? This course is suitable to all staff of any level of seniority, in particular fie,d staff who are joining seccurity UN system for the first time.

Although it may appear superficially similar to the Security Phase System, the SLS is actually a significant departure in terms of the methods, ideas and usage. Under the “Travel Details List” section, simply on the trashcan icon in order to delete you security clearance request.

When done click on the tje Travel Segment” 8. If you have any other questions, please download one of the user guides below. Second, there are no mandatory security measures linked to any Security Level. The SLS, in addition to assigning a security grade or level, also enhances the SRM process by improving the assessment of the threats in any specific operational context.


How can I create a “New Staff” under the Travellers? It would be recommended that you use another computer that has those configurations Windows Sefurity and Explorer.

Select the “Next step” to proceed to the next section. The SLS has 6 Levels going from 1 least dangerous environment to 6 most dangerous environment. Comments and questions can be addressed to agora unicef.

In the event you do not have a UN email address, a UN staff member from your department may submit the Security Clearance on your behalf. In addition, kindly note that as of 1 January”Phases” no longer exist and been replaced by “Security Levels” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

ISECT is therefore no longer used. Intranet Home Search Sitemap. You will also receive an automatic email message regarding your travel request.

– Online courses by the United Nations Department of Safety & Security

Then click the “Insert” button. How can I add meeting participants or consultants as travellers? How will the notification be sent? Methodology This course is composed of seven self-paced animated modules, including various examples and activities. The course has been produced through newer authoring tool to improve module’s functionalities. If you have a different system and are experiencing problems, please find a computer with the above-recommended configuration.

Existing entitlements connected to these security actions remain as they are now, unless further amended through the inter-agency system. This course is suitable to all staff of any level of seniority, in particular new staff who are joining the UN system for the first time.