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Knife-Blog führt durch den Paragraphendschungel beim Zoll. ein bestimmtes Messermodell aber das gute Stück lässt sich in Deutschland partout nicht auftreiben. . vor dem Versand in die USA eine Ausfuhrbescheinigung ausstellen lässt. be an die Deutsche Post AG elektronisch bei der Ausfuhrzollstelle anzumelden, wenn es sich um Postsendungen (z. B. DHL Paket. International) handelt. Steuerfrei einkaufen in der Schweiz – Tax free. Wie und unter welchen Bedingungen Sie in der Schweiz steuerfrei einkaufen können, erklärt Ihnen der Verkäufer.

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Customs online – Tax-free shopping

Impossible to reclaim German VAT for goods purchased online? User instructions On the following pages you can find information on technical issues such as browser compatibility or downloading files, as well as hints on how to use the forms and regulations.

She maintained that in case 2 the deal is finalised when the item is delivered to the German address, with German VAT due, hence no refund is possible – and obvisouly never was, I must be mistaken, this never happened! If you are travelling by air you must have any hold baggage items confirmed by the customs office at your first airport of departure before you check them in at the check-in desk.

Considering the latter is a number in the German Democratic Republic I was already weary before calling. Andernfalls kann der Zollbeamte den Sachzusammenhang zwischen Rechnung und Messer bestreiten.

When going back to CH across the border, the item is treated as the purchaser’s personal goods.

This user groans at glowjupiter for this post: Kosten fallen bereits ab dem Once finally cleared, your luggage will remain with the customs office of exit from where it will be forwarded without delay best practice at Frankfurt am Main airport. The following 4 users would like to thank ChrisNeedsToKnow for this useful post: Beide Varianten sind Klassiker und werden auf Schulungen vermittelt.


The retailer will reimburse you the turnover tax once he receives proof that the goods have been properly exported. Even if the “Rechnungsadresse” is in Switzerland.

Zolo you are intending to shop tax-free in Germany you would be well-advised to print out the form and take it with you. Under certain conditions the purchase of goods from retailers is free of sales tax:. In this case, however, the purchaser too is allowed to state the purchase transaction details in Part A of the form.

Derlei plumpe Tricks lassen sich aber schnell neutralisieren. Other airports may have differing procedures in place for handling customs cleared luggage. Es besteht, logisch und rechtlich, kein Unterschied.

Rückerstattung schweizerische MWST

Who knows, wait for the BMF’s answer. So, they use my argument that the shipment consists of two legs. Der Import von Messern in Eigenregie erscheint daher auf den ersten Blick lukrativ. CHF 60 is cheap enough as it is, no?

Der so ermittelte Wert wird gern auch bei Gebrauchtmessern zugrunde gelegt. General Search and special searches Your search item specialsearch Forms and factsheets Regulations Customs services. It is ausfuhrbescheinugung prejudice if you concluded the purchase contract prior to your entry into the Federal Republic of Germany as can be the case with an on-line order.

Jeder Messerfan kennt das: It is a “privilege” for the merchant not to have to pay VAT to the finance department and dues has not to charge or can reimburse VAT to the costumer.


When I order spectacles from a store that has an outlet in Germany and pay online, the seller sends me an Ausfuhrschein by post. If you are beginning a journey to the USA in Frankfurt and are changing planes in London, you must already have had your hold luggage items confirmed by a customs office in Frankfurt.

Die Formel zur Berechnung der Zollabgabe lautet: The export of items in your hand baggage, though, will deutscjland confirmed by the customs at your last EU airport of departure. Here, your nationality is irrelevant – what matters is your place of residence only.

The Yanks never gave me back my VAT either -despite spending a couple of hours running around JFK with the wife – and listening to vendors promises. Am ersten Messetag war am Stand von Benchmade kein einziges Messer zu sehen…. She repeated what she said, so did I.

Jetzt wird Vater Staat richtig dreist: Tax-free shopping As a non-EU resident visiting Germany you are exempted from sales tax when shopping in this country.

Sendungen aus den USA werden vom Zoll immer penibel kontrolliert.

Import von Messern – Chancen und Risiken

For exceptions, see the third bullet point of the section “Notes” further down. Ausfuhrbeschenigung there anything you would change about our website? Even when you claim tax exemption for your purchases you must first pay the full purchase price including the turnover tax. Allein durch die Wahl des Ausgangs wird eine verbindliche Aussage gemacht.