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How does the Audax HMZ0 compare with the Scanspeak 10F for midrange for a HzHz range in terms of sound quality? With the. 21 cm / 8″ PRO Midrange with Audax’s worldwide patented HDA-Aerogel-Cone. Extremely high SPL of 99 dB! Can be used in any HIGH-END application where . We have stock of many of the popular drivers like HMZ0, HMZ10, HMC0, HMZ18, PRM0 and also stock of many rare and hard-to-find Audax.

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OK, so they are excellent hm1000 loud rock music I hear you say. Based on their HDA material HMZ0 is a high quality mm midrange driver with very good linearity and low coloration and distorsion. A speaker with this many drivers, with the obvious high-end build quality evident, had me guessing that it cost twice that price and is testament to their low overhead philosophy.

All cabinet walls and internal bracing are made from 32mm MDF.


TWA0 – 25mm textile dome tweeter. Our Vault pages may have some display quirks. The Jupiters filled the room auddax energy unlike anything I have heard before.

The crossover is finished with multiple paralleled ME polypropylene capacitors.

These were like a pair of wild horses raring to go. Triple binding posts Dimensions: Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix hmm100z0 bug.

Equinox Jupiter Floor-Standing Speakers. All drivers have 2nd order acoustic roll-offs with responses that mimic a 2nd order electrical crossover.

audax speaker units from

The inductors use flat wire 5mm x 1. Related to the article above, we recommend the following: The bases of the speakers have a 2″ MDF auda piece to increase stability.

Introduction Equinox Loudspeakers, established inis a small speaker manufacturer based in the western suburbs of our magnificent capital city, Sydney, Australia.

Once this level was uadax up to a moderate or average listening level, the Jupiters really “woke up”. Today the Audax range of drivers are hand-built by a small team of devoted enthusiasts, quality and consistency is very high. Go to Home Page. You are welcome to email for further information. High quality amplification capable of driving low impedances must be used, so maybe leave the tube amp in the cupboard. Audax are well known for their fine tweetersamong these the 25mm soft dome TWA0used in numerous HIFI loudspeakers all over the world.


Rick Stadelmaier Equinox Audio wudax Australia. Just how loud do they go? The high gloss piano black is quite stunning but you have to have the right decor for it. They deal one-on-one, direct from their factory, and generally don’t advertise in order to help keep their overheads low. On the rear, triple binding posts are supplied. The Equinox Jupiters are a lot of speaker for relatively not so many audaax.

The program has several other fine hn100z0, among these true high-end drivers with damped double chamber etc. This could be due to the room as I mentioned earlier or possibly because of another theory that I did discuss with Rick. Accuracy, Distortion, and the Audiophile. It was like having a wall of sound coming from the left and the right sides of my room.

I suggested that a lower crossover point might be advantageous for the configuration. The tweeter is recessed by about 20mm compared to the mids and is surrounded by damping audsx the configuration of a 6-pointed star to eliminate diffraction from the baffle.

Female vocals from Tina Arena were natural and well presented. I could aufax bi-wire them in my tests, hm100z0 the listening was done with half the bi-wired speaker cables connected to the bass section and the other to the mids and tweeter which were paralleled by a heavy gauged shorting straps. AUDAX mm bass drivers. As I wound the volume up, the sonic performance definitely improved. Perhaps it is not so surprising that the Jupiters are made to crank. Diffraction effects have to do with how the baffle surface, including the edges of the driver, create secondary waves “bounced” off of hm100z surfaces and sharp transitions due to quick changes in the air’s impedance.


Audax MidRange Drive Units

Audax aucax are used in a number of finished loudspeaker productsfrom Mission to Von SchweikertWilson etc. The WAF may be low, seeing they take up so much room, but may be high if your spouse likes big beautiful cabinetry.

You can find substitute table for old Audax drivers below. They currently produce eleven different models jm100z0 speaker from bookshelves to floor-standers, center speaker models, and subwoofers.

As you can see by the photo, no expense has been spared in the cabinet’s construction. If you have the room and want a speaker that you can drive extremely hard without compromising sound quality, I would definitely recommend and audition of these speakers. The b ass drivers are Audax HMZ12 which use Aerogel cones, cast frame, rubber surround, and flat wire on a Kapton former. Hn100z0 than the problem previously mentioned, the only other qualm I had was their ability to resolve detail at low sound pressure levels.

High frequency was well quite well focused and extended, but seemed a little more forward than I am used to. The speakers were placed 3 meters apart, about mm from side walls and about mm from the rear walls. In regard to the way the crossover does its job in the Jupiter, the roll-offs are well within the driver’s natural roll-off, and are acoustic 1st order in the important crossover region. Speaker Primer Misunderstood 0.

In other words, delayed arrivals caused by non-flush tweeters and sharp corners. It was a real eye-opener how cleanly they pushed out big drum sound. Having such a large area and number of speakers, the soundstage was also very large by default.