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Army Regulation –1. Inventory Management. Centralized. Inventory Management of the Army Supply System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies, responsibilities, and procedures for integrated inventory management of Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

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Notify the depot RPCO of the receipt processing. The larger the shortage cost, the larger the coverage profile on a given item, which in turn improves supply performance and increases commitment authority. Details for Forecast Accuracy Computation, page 73 Figure 11—1: Stratification reports are used to develop and support apportionment requests, budget estimates, POMs, and program analysis resource reviews.

Initial issue and total package fielding stocks will be managed and distributed by the owning Program Manage. Transfers of cryptological materiel. Under the tenets of LCM, LCMCs will use multifunctional teams regulatiln acquisition and PM personnel to analyze and improve acquisition support strategies at the item, component and weapon system level.

Simple cans, pails, container express, military-owned demountable containers MILVANand other containers sized to the standards of the international organization for standardization are excluded.

Final advice, national stock numbered SSR. If a non-definitive degulation of issue is received without the required quantitative measure, the SSR is rejected with action taken code OTSG will provide management and oversight of.

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

Also, submit supplementary provisioning technical documentation when the item is not identified by a Government specification or standard that completely describes it including the physical, material, dimensional, mechanical, electrical, and functional characteristics. Curent Year dollars in millions. Deputy Chief of Staff, G—8. Ensure timely movement of major items or assemblies to and from the maintenance shop. Data Interchange, page C.


Reclassify to condition code M end items transferred into the maintenance shop for reclamation. OPROJ requirements are filled from one of the following sources:.

The maintenance PRON narrative will reflect the following statement: Major item divestiture duties as listed in paragraph 15—6. See paragraph 2—14 for LOT arrmy acquisition regulaton. Major Item Management Topics, page F. For example, if the Army depends on one supplier for a key part, there should be plans in place to mitigate the potential impact of fires, floods, earthquakes and other incidents that may interrupt the flow of finished goods from that supplier.

The deficit column represents the unfilled requirements left after assets columns 2 through8 are applied to column 1 requirements.

AR –1 – AKO US Army

Approve or disapprove operational project OPROJ requirements, and ensure that the requirements do not. Reghlation will allow the manufacturer or repair depot to quickly adjust their internal SCOR model activities to meet the changing AMC demand.

The probability of a demand being received during a 2—year period. For all APS program stock—. Army focal points for items managed by other Services or agencies. Special Commodity Control Programs, page Apply non-stocked items against the economic retention model and contingency retention requirements, transfer them see chap 2, sec IVor dispose of them see chap 3, sec VII.

Unit sets include major end items and WRSI. The AAC will reflect the method of support. With the transfer of DLR procurement responsibility to the DLA, planning and executing new sustainment acquisition strategies will be a Joint effort between the Army, the DLA, the Defense Contract Management Agency, and other services with a supply interest in the impacted item s. DA controls disposition instructions for LBE.


Columns rows 7, 8 and 17 are not printed on the opening position stratification, but are visible in the BY, AY and out-year reports.

AR Centralized Inventory Management Of The Army Supply System

If procurement is impractical or the lead time for priority reclamation arny repair is less, coordinates with the major item manager to determine availability from priority reclamation and the highest regultaion code for the end item from which the required assembly or component may be removed.

When possible, use the result of item entry control to accept, offer a substitute for, or reroute the SSR to the correct IMM rather than returning it to the submitter for resubmission.

Ensure compliance with additional responsibilities in paragraphs 13—6 l13—6 nand 14—1 d. Final advice, part numbered supply request. Supply support request SSR event.

Assign management responsibility for an assemblage to a single commodity manager.

They provide a basis for approving requirements, planning distribution, and allocating assets. Major item divestiture duties as listed in paragraph 15—5.

Overview and Policies, page Expand the spend analysis and strategic sourcing efforts outlined in paragraph 4—7 k across weapon systems, commodities and LCMCs.

Composition of Material Category Structure Code, page Ammunition storage limits will be in accordance with explosives safety site plans approved by the DOD Explosives Safety Board. A buy simulation is done for several values of shortage cost, and estimates of commitment authority are produced. Army Special Operations Command.

These items are issued until stock is exhausted.