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Unable to make connection from ARIS Mashzone to SQL database. I want to connect Aris Mashzone with MySQL Database.

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Now mashaone the smartest decisions about how your business runs on the platform. MashZone NextGen visual analytics software is the fastest way to explore and analyze streaming data and events flowing through and data stored in the Digital Business Platform.

Analyze both real-time and at-rest data on one screen to uncover new ways to improve customer satisfaction, supplier management and more.

Transform raw data into meaningful insights in minutes. That means less reliance on IT to create dashboards and share visualizations.

MashZone – what’s next? – summary | ARIS BPM Community

An intuitive interface makes it easy to unite and manipulate data from many sources. Add bar charts, traffic lights, gauge chart, pie charts and grids—and other widgets based on HTML5—to get the picture in an instant. Set up personas—for example, for business users, analysts, developers and subject matter experts—so that each participant gets precisely the analytics results they need.


Pack your dashboards with the latest information and analyze terabytes of in-memory data in real time. Use the Terracotta cache to keep data in-memory on local on-heap, off-heap or remote—whichever suits your needs best. Software AG provides solutions that drive digital transformation in organizations worldwide, helping to improve operational efficiency, modernize aros and optimize processes for smarter decisions and better service.

Our solutions include an integration platform built on a powerful enterprise service bus that enables organizations to quickly connect virtually any system and application. We offer enterprise architecture management solutions that help align the IT landscape with business needs. Our in-memory computing solutions provide faster access to big data while our Business Process Management BPM and business process modeling solutions help create more efficient processes. Our master data management solutions ensure organizations can work with trusted shareable master data.

MashZone | ARIS BPM Community

MashZone NextGen Read now. Learn more qris the fact sheet. Read about customer success. Read about IoT analytics. Correlate, aggregate and detect patterns across fast-moving data, so you can take the right action at the right time. Deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics models based on open standards.