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Since , our AODD pumps have provided customers with simple solutions for challenging applications. All-Flo’s pumps are made from the widest range of. AODD pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are positive displacement pumps driven by compressed air rather than an electric motor. The AODD pump. Wilden Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) pumps include Advanced Metal & Plastic; Original Metal & Plastic; Saniflo Hygienic; Brahma Flap Valve and.

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This constitutes one complete pumping cycle. Graco Husky Explanation Air Valve.

What is an Air Valve? An air operated double diaphragm pump has two diaphragms. AODD Pumps Air operated diaphragm pumps for all fluid types AODD pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are positive displacement pumps driven by compressed air rather than an electric motor.

They aldd not leak, offer little friction, and can be constructed for low pressure sensitivity. We offer the best product and support it with the best service.

An elastomeric diaphragm can be used as a versatile dynamic seal that removes many of the limitations found with other sealing methods.

Head 70 M Max. Also known as air-operated double diaphragm pumps, they are used for endless applications in mining, industrial and general plant service. DM-2 Diaphragm Monitor System. Diaphragm Pumps deliver a hermetic seal between the drive mechanism and the compression chamber, allowing the pump to transfer, compress, and evacuate the medium without a lubricant. Food and beverages Pharmaceutical Mining and construction Printing, paint and ink Waste water Petrochemical AODD pumps are self-priming and therefore have good suction capabilities, as well as pmps able to dry run without doing any damage to pimps pump making them useful for batch operations in industry.


As the compressed air moves Diaphragm A away from the center of the pump into its discharge stroke, the pressure created within Chamber A pushes out the liquid through its discharge valve. Compared to other compressors, these pumps are quiet, cheap and, most importantly, have no moving parts in the airstream.

The working principle of a Verderair double diaphragm pump

The internal mechanisms of a pups diaphragm pump can vary subtly between brands, however there is a common working principle applicable to all models. What is a High Pressure Pump? In pump chamber number two the discharge ball valve is pushed off its seat. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Upon completion of the stroke the wodd valve leads the air again to the back of diaphragm number one and restarts the cycle as described above.

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The pressurised air forces Diaphragm B away from the center while pulling Diaphragm A toward the center via the common shaft. AODD pumps, or air operated diaphragm pumps, are positive displacement pumps driven by compressed air rather than an electric motor.

This is all backed by the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. The working principle of a Verderair double diaphragm pump. As the pump reaches its original starting point, each diaphragm has gone through one exhaust and one discharge aoddd. Castle Pumps are fully accredited to enable you to buy with confidence. Get free pump tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox. This diaphragm causes a press stroke moving liquid out of the pump. In this post, we will explore the operation principle of AODD pumps.


Talk to us today: Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. AOD pumps are a type of reciprocating diaphragm pump which contains two diaphragms driven by compressed air.

Why AODD? | Versa-Matic

The air valve is located In the center section of the diaphragm pump. Graco Husky Explanation Cross Section. This way, diaphragm number one moves away from the center section. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Figure 1 The air valve directs pressurised air to the backside of Diaphragm A, add it away from the center of the pump.

When the chamber pressure later increases from decreased volume the diaphragm moving downthe fluid previously drawn aoodd is forced out. Doing so, diaphragm number one is pulled toward the center block. The air operated diaphragm pump design makes it suitable for use in a wide range of industries: When the volume of a chamber of either pmups of pump is increased the diaphragm moving upthe pressure decreases, and fluid is drawn into the chamber [3].

Split Manifold By utilizing one pump, Yamada Split Manifold Diaphragm Pump offers a design in which the inlet and outlet ports can be configured to multiple combinations; ideal for pumping or combining two similar specific gravity fluids. The diaphragms are working as pummps wall between the air and the liquid. The pump may take several cycles to completely prime depending on the conditions of the application.