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Animal Husbandry [Laura Zigman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hers began as a simple Cow meets Bull story: she, Jane Goodall (no. New cow Ray makes the move. Jane feels the rush. Ray says the L-word. Jane breaks her lease. Then suddenly, inexplicably, he dumps her. Just. Like. “If someone asked me a year ago why I thought it was that men leave women and never come back, I would have said this: New Cow. New Cow is short for New.

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Filled with heartwarming sarcasm and did-she-just-say-that type of humor, pick this book up husbadnry you’re feeling a little down and out. If someone asked me now I would have a different answer.

Lists with This Book. Jul 09, Lucy rated it did not like it. How can I resist those rows and rows? It’s a fun r Pros: It was written in Laura Zigman is an American novelist and freelance journalist who live outside BostonUhsbandry. Having said that, Zigman zigmsn a good writer with solid pacing and flow, so I would still consider reading something else by her, especially since I think I saw this was her first book.

Animal Husbandry by Laura Zigman | : Books

I absolutely loved this book – you don’t have to have been cheated on by a slimy ex-boyfriend to relate to all the trials and tribulations that Jane goes through in the book. Why did it happen?


Unless, of course, she’s got it all wrong Reads like the author’s personal man-hating vendetta and consequently makes me suspect she is just as pathetic as the main character. But from an astounding new discovery of her own: Hysterical, good writing, totally engaging comedy. While I think you can learn something from analyzing a previous relationship, trying to “understand” it all doesn’t really help you get over the fact that someone you loved doesn’t feel the same way about you and it is over and that means they are never coming b Years ago, this old cow saw the movie that was based on this book.

There’s no happily ever after here, except for the happily ever after of a woman realizing she can put something that was traumatic behind her a move on — and honestly, that’s kind of refreshing in its own way, too.

They made a movie out of it, but it is worth it to read the book.

Or picks out “wives” every months. Oct 07, Mckinley rated it really liked it Shelves: For example, the protagonist didn’t really love her ex as she claimedshe just wanted that he made her happy again and forever ; that’s using someone, not loving him.

It is a good read, fast, easy, and entertaining. I actually liked the movie better. If you not, there’s still lots husbandryy fun and witty story-telling to enjoy. Feb 24, Karissa rated it it was ok. That is to say it would help them yusbandry a better prospective on things than drinking too much wine, shouting out the lyrics to Alanis Morrisette’s You Outta Know, and then drunk dialing whoever broke up with you.


This fit the profile perfectly. Sep 12, Pages Buy. References to this book Spreading Misandry: I liked the movie and I remember running across the book in the bookstore, and the quirky voice and writing style the author had was much zig,an in text Of course Eddie is a player who brings home a different woman every other night.

Animal Husbandry

Ray says the L-word. This was a weird story where I would have liked a middle-of-the-road version between the book and the movie, better I think I bought this book after seeing the movie based on it, called “Someone Like You” with Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman Then suddenly, inexplicably, he dumps her. The book isn’t unsatisfying for what it is, but unlike the movie, it definitely isn’t a rom-com.