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It is a presentation on the CSR initiatives taken up by AMUL Please note that the presentation (ppt) does not contain the initiatives in detail. Csr of amul. 1. By AA AAKANKSH BHOIR (06) RAMESH MOOPANAR (32) RITESH SHINDE (42) N NITESH SRIVASTAVA (47) ANKIT. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been defined as the commitment of business to contribute to sustainable economic development.

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It serves the farmers through a network of Liquid and Frozen Semen Centers. For better coordination and sustainable success, Teams have been formed at various levels. Roles and responsibilities a,ul assigned to each member and area of operation allocated. The effort put by Amul to take care of the cattle stock has helped farmer producers to look after their cows and buffaloes as a part of family members. It organizes various training programmes based on the need and a few of these are as follows: In this way, the milk producers of Gujarat are ushering in a silent revolution of greening Gujarat.

Amul has made a trend in donating blood to the society.

CSR Initiatives

This email address is being protected from spambots. If we can transplant the spirit of Anand in many other places, it will also result in rapidly transforming the socio-economic conditions of the rural areas and in our achieving the objective of a socialistic pattern of society.

Through this letter, I recommend this programme to your personal attention and hope that this would be given the importance it deserves. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. What is zmul procedure to form a Village Co-operative Society? During the fiscal, as the GCMMF finds that from its earnings amuk is possible to pay more to the producers for milk, the final price is declared higher than the interim price being paid.


The answer lies in two things: The cssr of the milk and milk products sold in that year was over Rs. The Union buys all the societies’ milk, then processes and markets fluid milk and products.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

This also acts as a vital link for various productivity enhancement and development programmes of farmers programmes. After the identification of the chief coordinator for dsr district milk union, the organization of a task force for the programme was put in place.

Introduction of BactoScan has shown drastic improvement in hygienic milk quality. The voluntary compliance of social and ecological responsibility of companies is called Corporate Social Responsibility CSR. This social barrier has been removed by the milk co-operatives. After flag hoisting ceremony, the tree plantation activity was executed by the producer members.

Every year the outstanding children are identified from the villages and scholarships are provided to fulfill their dream of achieving academic excellence.

On the basis of the above study and the result that the village can procure minimum litres of milk daily and supply to the Union, the team from the Co-operative Department will help in organizing a gram sabha of village milk producers to amuk or pass resolutions on: The society is being perceived as a means of livelihood — unlike, say, a panchayat.

The structure of salary and perquisites is altogether different. Every function involves human intervention: Amul has plan to further expand its capacity in the coming years.

Corporate Social Responsibility, The Amul Way

This programme aims at bringing together all members, including Chairman, Management Committee Members and respective producer members of Dairy Co-operative Societies to identify and solve their problems.

Evolution of an organisational system has ensured that the corporate social responsibility towards the primary milk producers, village and the ecological balance is fulfilled. To link these milksheds to the city market and ensure a year-round sustained milk supply, the National Milk Grid with storage and long-distance transport facilities was created. The adoption of modern production and cst techniques helps in providing those services that small producers individually can neither afford nor manage.


The objective of ammul facilities is to maximize milk production by ensuring sustainable sound reproductive and overall health of milch animals of our milk producers by accurate diagnosis of different diseases of livestock through doorstep and static diagnostic facilities. Pointwise methodology for implementation of tree plantation programme on such a mass scale is as following. What will be my obligations as an Amul Preferred Outlet? It is an in-house Newsletter distributed monthly to producer members to strengthen their knowledge on scientific animal husbandry practices, quality of milk and sharing success stories.

Inthe unfair trade practises of the middle men brought the farmers of Kaira to unite and fight against this system which brought Amul into existence.

The initiation of Total Quality Management TQM way back in amu, to work with the well known quality management initiatives which have proven to be effective elsewhere to create a culture of transparency, openness and leadership in the organization.

It caused death of thousands of people, tens of thousands were injured, hundreds of thousands were rendered homeless and damage of billions of Rupees was done.

According to Forrester Researcheffective CSR and sustainability practices within large companies have been shown to contribute to a profit increase up to 35 percent.

The GCMMF is managed by the board auml elected by and from amongst the chairmen of the district co-operatives.