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Ayya, look, I am my own foe, I am my own friend. If I contradict your pious devotees I get killed, if I utter in fearful respect of your ancestral peers I get saved. Collections of Akka Mahadevi Vachanagalu in Kannada Not internet required, one time download and use. About Akka Mahadevi: ಚೆನ್ನಮಲ್ಲಿಕಾರ್ಜುನಯ್ಯ ಆತ್ಮಸಂಗಾತಕ್ಕೆ ನೀನೆನಗುಂಟು . akka mahAdeviyavara vachana. hasivAdare UroLage bhikShAnnaMgaLuMTu.

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A true ascetic, Mahadevi is said to have refused to wear any clothing—a common practice among male ascetics, but shocking for a woman.

Channamallikarjuna, Yourself becoming knowledge, Showed me the way. People, male and female, blush when a cloth covering their shame comes loose When the lord of lives lives drowned without a face in the world, how can you be modest? Terming relationship with mortal kannada as unsatisfactory, Akka Mahadevi describes them as thorns hiding under smooth leaves, un-trustworthy.

Ramanujan im first popularised the vachanas by translating them into a collection called Speaking of Siva. On the difficulty of devotion.

I love him O mother. If one can single out the body’s ways it’s great to have bodies.

File:Akkamahadevi Vachana.JPG

Take these vachanae who die, decay, and feed them to your kitchen fires! Her extant Vachana poems a form of spontaneous mystical poemsand the two short writings called Mantrogopya and the Yogangatrividhi are considered her most notable contribution to Kannada literature. And on her determination to worship, no matter what: On the effects of union with GOD: It is said that Mahadevi was married by arrangement to Kausika but later did not as the king disrespected some conditions set by her.


Would a weed on the riverbank know such depths of water as the lotus would know? By using kajnada site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The body’s wrong is like mother turning vampire. Akka Mahadevi’s works are like the works of many other female Bhakti poets, also touches on themes of alienation: Legend has it that due to her true love and devotion vachwnas God her whole body was protected by hair.

O Channamallikarjuna, Offering you worship, I will play On the swing of happiness.

Account Options Sign in. I love the Handsome One: Bhakti recorded a rethinking of the ashrama dharma which suggested a stages-of-life approach that began with the pursuit of education and ended with the pursuit of moksha. Akka leaves Kalyana with this following vachana:.

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When one knows in iin Why ask others? Yet the term Akka “elder Sister”which is an honorific given to her by great Lingayat saints such as BasavannaSiddharama and Allamaprabhu is an indication of her contribution to the spiritual discussions held at the “Anubhava Mantapa” [ citation needed ]. Zkkamahadevi Mahadevi continues to occupy a significant place in popular culture and memory, with roads [14] and universities named after her.


Yet the term Akka “elder Sister”which is an honorific given to her by great Veerashaiva saints such as Akkamahaeevi, Siddharama and Allamaprabhu is an indication of her contribution to the spiritual discussions held at the “Anubhava Mantapa”. Hindi Bhajan – Bhakti Geet.

What else you want ? – akka mahAdevi vachana

Akka utters many vachanas in praise of them. Ramanujanwho interprets it as ‘Lord white as jamine’. On the value of experience over ritual: Like a statue listening To the recital of a wax parrot, The vachanzs reciting has no life, The listener has no knowledge; The devotion of one Who does not know you Is like the statue listening to the wax parrot, O Channamallikarjuna.

Akiamahadevi you will look, look; If you won’t, don’t I can’t bear life unless I look at you and be happy. She went in search of fellow seekers or sharanas because the ni of the saintly or sajjana sanga is believed to hasten learning.

A parrot come into a cage remembering his mate, I remember. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat