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PDF | Research on Azotobacter chroococcum spp. in crop Puertas A, Gonzales LM () Aislamiento de cepas nativas de Azotobacter. Key words: indoleacetic acid, siderophores, Azotobacter chroococcum, Azotobacter vinelandii, Pseudo- .. Procedimientos para el aislamiento y caracteri-. Azotobacter spp. are Gram negative, free–living, aerobic soil dwelling,1 oval or spherical .. Aislamiento de cepasnativas de. Azotobacter.

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The present work deals with selecting and optimization of carbon and nitrogen sources for producing biomass from Azotobacter chroococcum. The results underscored significant differences between Mo-dependent and Mo-independent diazotrophic growth that highlight the significant advantages of diazotrophic growth in the presence of Mo. Larvas de Toxorhynchites spp.

Analysis of the Thiocapsa pfennigii polyhydroxyalkanoate synthase: The understanding of the regulatory mechanisms involved in the control of PHB synthesis, and of its metabolic relationships, has increased considerably, making way for new potential strategies for the further improvement of PHB production.

The XRD pattern showed a face-centered cubic structure with broad peaks of Polyhydroxy butyrate PHB is a non-toxic biodegradable polymer produced by some bacteria and can be applied in medical, pharmacology and food industry.

con azotobacter spp: Topics by

Construction of a nitrogen biosensor strain was done to rapidly screen several thousand colonies disrupted by transposon insertional azoobacter to identify strains with increased extracellular nitrogen production. It also produced copolymer of poly 3-hydroxybutyrate cohydroxyvalerate [P 3HB-co-3HV] using glucose as primary carbon source and valerate cas cosubstrate. We observed that they were present in both seasons. Cell viability was investigated for two types of Azotobaxter scaffolds, solution cast films and non-woven electrospun fibrous membranes, and the efficiency was compared against a culture dish.


This analysis demonstrated that direct protein-protein interaction exists between NifD-K fusion proteins, suggesting that they exist as homodimers.

A direct relationship was observed between Cu accumulation in alfalfa and Cu concentration in soils. Full Text Available The aim of the work was to determine the possibility of using the number and activity of Azotobacter cells and melanin-synthesizing micromycetes as indicators of gray forest soils of different types fallow, extensive and intensive agrosoil pollution with heavy metal ions.

Azotobatcer treatment showed early tasseling than Trichoderma. Azotobacter vinelandii ferredoxin I is a small protein that contains one [4Fe-4S] cluster and one [3Fe-4S] cluster. This control affects the expression of arsABCD and is exerted through the regulation of arpR expression.

Sample 11 contained 0. Then, we conducted a glasshouse study aotobacter evaluate the plant growth promoting ability of these strains with reduced doses of urea wzotobacter in cotton.

Full Text Available The infraorden Tipulomorpha contains insects of the order Diptera, suborder Aislamieno commonly called as crane flies. Cameroon Journal of Experimental Biology Vol. The role of alginate in Azotobacter vinelandii aggregation in submerged culture.

Metabolic routing towards polyhydroxyalkanoic acid synthesis in recombinant Escherichia coli fadR: The sensitivity of SK agar to Alicyclobacillus spp.

Full Text Available The aim of this study is to identify and monitor the presence of Aeromonas spp. In another experiment, mannitol was not given together with Rhodopseudomonas, and still positive nitrogen gain was obtained, although it was less than culture with mannitol.


Two experiments were realized, one in stage of fish-pond and other one in field stage. Adding a culture liquid increases the humidity resistance of the molding materials.

Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) synthesis genes in Azotobacter sp. strain FA8.

In general, antibiotic resistance patterns were high. The formation of this [4Fe-4S] cluster drives rearrangement of the protein structure. To this effect, alfalfa seeds were grown in soils from the Catemu and Casablanca valleys and inoculated with AMF.

Therefore, based on our results it can be concluded that in order to prevent polluting the agricultural soil, environmental and other water supplies from nitrogen chemical fertilizers, application of Azotobacter chroococcum or combined with mycorrhizal fungi with kg. Spectroscopic and aztoobacter characterization of iron-sulfur cluster-bound forms of Azotobacter vinelandii Nif IscA.

Polyhydroxy butyric acid PHB is a biodegradable and food-safe alternative to petroleum-based polymers. The candy factory waste was most suitable for synthesis of P 3HB accounting In this study plant height, number of heads in bush, number of seeds per head, seed weight per head, seed weight, grain and biological yield, harvest index, leaf chlorophyll, protein and oil percent were studied. Two Azotobacter strains were isolated from alkaline and acid soils. The conserved target of rapamycin TOR orchestrates cell aislaimento and proliferation in response to nutrients and growth factors, which are important for pathogenicity and virulence.

The results of this investigation highlight the need to strengthen surveillance of Campylobacter spp.