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Last week I have discussed the GM 8AT and the ZF 9AT, today lets take a look at the Aisin AA80E, which is used in the Lexus IS, GS The engine is run on a MegaSquirt-2 controller and the transmission is is the Aisin AA80E used in Toyota Landcruisers and Lexus sedans. Home · catalogue · AA80E Transmission Catalogue. AA80E Transmission Catalogue. PDF Download download the PDF to open links in the document.

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Then a few more minutes to remove the item number painted on to the mirror.

The highest trim of ZF 8HP can handle up to lb-ft of torque. Click here to start you subscription today.

I’m working on a personal project Jaguar XJL and they have everything I need at very reasonable prices. It is almost easier to list the vehicles not using this transmission as opposed to those that do. Four speed automatic with lockup torque converter, electronic controls and viscous coupling center differential. There are different types of them, the one we are interested in is called the Ravingeaux gear setwhich has two sun gears, two planet carriers and they share one common ring gear.

Next to come out are three driving clutch assemblies. TechForce report reveals shortage of vehicle technicians continues to worsen. Return the shift lever to the P position and disconnect terminal 13 TC transmissoon air susp.


AA80E Transmission Catalogue – Automatic Choice

The item was quickly shipped and I had the BMW roof rails in my hands in just a few days! Connects to external oil cooler. Perform fluid level inspection while the D indicator light is on. This particular version has a weak reverse – prone to noise and failure – failure included problems with 1st brake.

Benefiting transmissikn owners and managers, this e-newsletter provides the latest news and analysis, technical automotive service information and business management tips. You must be logged in to post a comment.

AA80E Transmission Catalogue

The placement of the clutch assemblies begins with the B1 brake located right behind the pump figure The torque converter can lockup tfansmission 2nd to 6th gears. When combined together, These two gear sets can provide 6 to 8 forward gear ratios.

Retrieved from ” https: I always recommend installing an aftermarket transmission cooler as a way to fight off possible overheating. I will be back.

The visor however was really dirty with greasy finger prints all over it. ZF Aftermarket announces Spanish technical training webinar series.

My order came two days earlier then expected. By the way, there is a name for such combination: Enjoy a free subscription to Motor Age magazine to get the latest news in service repair. transsmission

I would use them again. Not only does Pacific Motors deliver on their promise of quality and accurately described products, they deliver fast and free. It was first put into production in and remains in production today. It can break from being stretched, it can melt, or if it rubs against something, wear through the protective outer plastic coating.


Then next two components is a one-way-clutch F1 and the B2 brake clutch assembly figure In figures 3 and 4, there are two possible fluid fill locations. This transmission also has a 20 percent high torque rating. Search Search this site: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The World’s First 8 Speed Automatic Transmission | Search Autoparts

The AA80E is designed to operate at a maximum temperature transmissjon degrees. One helpful last point related to solenoid codes is the way these solenoids may be identified.

We are here to help. The product was all the seller said it would be.

8-Speed Automatic AA80E Transmission Assembly RWD LS460 2009-16

Luis Antonio Ortiz This article does not cite any sources. Super fast shipping and great customer service too.

This transmission is electronically controlled by an electronic shift control module. A chart in figure 6 can be transmussion for bench testing the internal electrical components. All automatic transmissions are sensitive to excessive heat. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Once this occurs, the fluid losses its ability to properly lubricate the internal moving parts of the transmission.